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      1. Pre heat your oven to 375F

      2. Bring a pot of water up to a boil. Once boiling add in your soba noodles and cook for ~ 9 minutes. Once done strain the water, run the noodles under cold water until they are cold to the touch and set aside

      GF: will update shortly

      3. Remove your veggies and cut as shown below.

      4. Toss your mushroom and okra in a splash of oil and transfer to a lined baking sheet along with your marinated tofu, Drizzle a little marinade over top* . Baking in the oven for 18 minutes.

      5. Bring a large pan + a splash of oil up to medium high heat. Once hot add in your gai lan and cook for  6 minutes until just starting to brown around the edges. Remove and set aside. 

      6. In the same pan, reduce the temperature to medium, add your coconut curry broth, and let it cook just until it thickens slightly and warms up ~ 5 minutes.

      7. Build your dish. Soba on the bottomw woth your sauce poured around. Top with your oven vegatblea & tofu and garnisg with your diced cilantro and sesame seeds.

      8. ENJOY!