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      1. Toast your tortilla: Bring a small pan up to medium-high heat (no oil or anything). Once hot, add in your tortilla and let sit for ~2 minutes until it just starts to brown, then flip and let sit for ~1 minute. Then, set aside under a towel to stop the tortilla from drying out.

      2. Remove your veggies from the bag and cut as shown below. Remove seeds from the pepper. **Poblanos are one of the milder peppers but they do have a little heat, if you don’t want to risk it just omit the seasoning, taste throughout so you can judge what works best! ;)

      3. In a pan, bring a splash of oil up to medium-high heat. Once hot, add in your shallot + mushrooms and cook for 5 minutes. Add in your poblanos and cook for 8 minutes this time. Lastly, add in your seasoning + 1/4 cup water and let continue cooking stirring regularly until the mix thickens up, ~ 6 minutes.

      4. Build your taco: mushroom + pepper mix, then cabbage & garnish with tofu feta & chipotle drizzle. ENJOY!! 😁😁
      5.  Enjoy!! 😊🌸🌿