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      How It Works

      How do I order?

      To place your first order, you can create an account online, add the meal kit you'd like to purchasse, then checkout!

      Can I pause of skip deliveries?

      Absolutely! There is no commitment. Every time you place an order, you are only ordering for the following week, so you only get food when you want it! 

      What if I'm not vegan?

      That's perfectly OK! We strive to show anyone and everyone how easy and delicious plant-based eating can be. Our goal is to make plant-based eating an accessible option, whether you follow a vegan diet, or are simply interested in exploring different ways to incorporate more plants into your diet.


      How do I place an order?

      Our new menu is released each week on Monday, for delivery the following week. You can place an order by creating an account, then picking your meal kit! Ordering is open until Friday night at 6 pm for Monday deliveries, and Saturday night at 6 pm for Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday deliveries. 

      Once you place an order, you'll receive a confirmation email to confirm your order.

      Do I have to place a new order every time I want food?

      Yes! We strive to make our service as flexible as possible, so you only get food when you want it. Placing a new order each time also gives you flexibility in picking the number of meals you want each time, as we know life changes week to week!

      How long does it take to place an order?

      It should only take ~2 mins each time! You can enable 'accelerated' checkout features, to allow the site securely save your payment and shipping details, so you don't need to enter them each time you order!

      Can I be notified when a new menu is released?

      Yes! You can sign up for text-alerts through our website, which will let you know when a new menu is released. You can also sign up for email alerts at checkout, to stay updated!


      Where do you deliver? 

      We currently deliver to Toronto and the surrounding area, with the option for Monday or Tuesday delivery. 

      Our delivery partner, Fresh City Farms, helps us deliver outside our current delivery zone to addresses within the GTA, including Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Brampton, Dundas, Hamilton, and parts of Markham and Vaughan. These deliveries are made on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday each week, depending on the area.

      To check if we deliver to your area and the options for delivery day, add an item your cart and enter your postal code.

      Do I need to be home to receive my delivery?

      No! We'll drop by and leave your bag by the door, with a concierge, or any specific instructions you provide.

      Do you deliver to condos and apartments?

      Yes, we just need your buzz code and unit number! If you buidling has a concierge, you can also coordinate with them to receive the order on your behalf.

      We can also deliver to workplaces.

      What time will my bag arrive?

      We typically delivery between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm on delivery days.

      Deliveries within our main delivery area: 

      You will receive a text the morning of your delivery day with an estimated delivery window. If there are any delays, you will receive another text with an updated window.

      Deliveries outside our current delivery zone(delivered through Fresh City Farms):

      Deliveries are typically delivered between 12:00 pm and 9:00 pm, depending on the route and number of deliveries. We are unable to provide an estimated delivery window for deliveries made through our delivery partner, we apologize for the inconvenience!

      Can I be notified of my delivery's arrival?

      Deliveries within our main delivery area: 

      We notify you by text message to confirm your bag has been delivered.

      Deliveries outside our current delivery zone(delivered through Fresh City Farms):

      We are unfortunately not able to notify you when your bag has been delivered, we apologize for the inconvenience.

      Can I request a specific delivery time?

      Unfortunately, no, but you don't need to be home to accept the delivery! By not having a specific delivery time, we can create efficient delivery routes that reduce the greenhouse gas emissions required to deliver your food.

      How is my food kept fresh?

      Due to precautions surrounding COVID-19, we are currently delivering food in cardboard boxes, with an icepack. 


      What if I'm missing an ingredient?

      Mistakes happen, our apologies! If anything is missing, please let us know as soon as possible, and we will happily provide you with a store credit, and in some cases are able to arrange get the missing ingredient to you.

      What comes in each meal kit?

      Each meal kit comes with all of the ingredients you need to cook each meal, in the exact portions. The meals are partially prepared to save you time and ensure quality. Each recipe was created to be a well-balanced, delicious meal that includes a healthy balance of protein, veggies, and carbs.

      To save paper, all recipes can be found online.

      What cooking skills do I need to make the recipes?

      Even the beginner chef can make each of the recipes and feel like a vegan Instagram star.

      Many ingredients come pre-prepped, including house-made sauces, dressings, spice blends, toppings, etc. Some prep work is involved, including dicing, chopping, and peeling. Each recipe includes step-by-step instructions with photos to guide you along!

      What ingredients and cooking supplies do you assume I have at home?

      Just some oil for frying and salt and pepper to season.

      For cooking supplies, basic cooking utensils such as bowls for mixing ingredients, pots for cooking grains, pans for frying vegetables, and pans for cooking vegetables in the oven.

      How long do the meals take to prepare?

      Generally, each meal takes ~20 mins to prepare, some quicker!

      Do you offer accomodations for allergies?

      We do our best to accomodate for allergies and ensure our food is prepared safely. However, all of our meal kits are assembled in the same kitchen, and therefore we cannot ensure there is no cross-contamination. 

      Where possible, we offer gluten-free alternatives for ingredients such as pasta, couscous, etc. When ordering, please let us know of any allergies and we will do our best to accomodate.

      Where can I find the ingredient list?

      The ingredients are listed on the product pages when ordering, and at the bottom of every recipe.

      Are the vegetables and herbs pre-washed?

      We recommend washing all vegetables and herbs before cooking.


      Are the meal kits 100% zero-waste?

      We aim to use the least amount of packaging possible, but unfortunately can't claim to produce no waste.

      While we try to use our plastic containerss (note: re-collection is currently paused at this time), sometimes it is necessary to use plastic bags to maintain the shelf-life of produce (particularly leafy greens) as well as bakery items. This actually creates less waste in the end, as the produce stays fresh longer and is less likely to be thrown out instead of eaten. 

      Our meal kits only include the exact portions needed for each of the recipes, reducing the food waste associated with cooking.

      We are always looking for innovative ways to reduce our waste. If you have any ideas we'd love to hear from you!