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      Some changes here at SIGP.

      Exciting Update: New Delivery Partner and Upcoming Enhancements!

      Dear Plant Fam,

      Firstly, I want to thank everyone for your continued support. This is one of the biggest changes we've had to make since starting the site at the beginning of COVID. Starting this week, we will be switching our delivery services to Trexity. We really believe this change will help improve service and consistency, and Trexity is a company we can grow with! This decision was not taken lightly, as we always strive to provide consistency, and ultimately, we felt this was the best decision moving forward.Making a change like this leads to different systems, procedures, and some updates on the website. We did our best to make things as clear, simple, and operational as possible, so please let us know of any comments or concerns, and we will be happy to help!

      Thank you again for being the best and for your unwavering support!

      Conor Harold

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      Order ValueDelivery Area - 1Delivery Area - 2Delivery Area - 3Delivery Area - 4
      $60 - $80$ 5$ 6$ 7$ 12
      $80 - $125$ 3$ 4$ 5$ 8
      $125 - $1752$ 3$ 4$ 6
      $175 and upFreeFreeFree$ 4