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      DELIVERED Nov 14 - Nov 18

      Chili & Garlic Chow Mein

      STEP 1

      Bring a pot of salted water up to boil. Once hot cook your noodles for 2 minutes. Strain. run under cold water and set aside.

      GF: Bring a large kettle/ pot of water up to a boil. Once boiling submerge your rice noodles and let sit for ~8 minutes. Strain, run under cold water and set aside.

      STEP 2

       Cut your carrots into match sticks and dice your broccolini into smaller pieces. Your green onion should be cut into small circles as garnish thinner the better :)

      STEP 3

       Bring a large pan + a splash of oil up to medium high heat (pan/ pot needs to be big enough to hold all food) . Once up to temperature add in your cut your broccolini & carrot & cabbage and let cook for ~ 15 minutes. Next add in your sauce + noodles +  strained edamame and let cook another 3-5 minutes until the sauce is sticking to the noodles

      STEP 4

      Transfer to a bowl and garnish with your diced green onion and ENJOY!