This past year, almost to the day, has been crazy! 🌿 We are excited to get back into the kitchen making new items and connecting with other amazing local plant based businesses to make this is service the #1 option when it comes to how to live responsibly! 🌎 Hope you guys enjoy the ride! 😉
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      DELIVERED FEB 07 - FEB 11


      STEP 1

      Preheat your oven to 425F

      STEP 2

      Remove your veggies and cut as shown below.

      STEP 3

      Toss your potatoes in a splash of oil + your seasoning + a small pick of salt an pepper. Transfer to a baking sheet along with your pieces of  marinated tofu. Your tofu will only need to cook for for 10 minutes with your potatoes will take longer around 18. Please check regularly as all ovens are different. 

      When everything is ready toss your buns into the oven to toast. This is all preference so toast as long/ or as little as you like just don't forget!

      STEP 4

      Build your plate. For the sandwich, Bun - 1/2 mayo - tofu - tomato - coleslaw - iceberg - 1/2 mayo - bun. Potatoes on the side & ENJOY!