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      Ricotta Pappardelle

      STEP 1

      Brind a large pot of salted water up to a boil. Once boiling add in your pasta and let cook for ~ 11 minutes (or until there is no 'crunch' when tasting). Before straining keep 1/3 cup of pasta water off to the side.

      Strain, Set aside.

      STEP 2

      Remove your vegetables and cut as shown below

      STEP 3

      Bring a large pan & a heavy splash of oil up to medium high heat. Once hot add in your shallot + Tomato and let cook for ~ 5 minutes. Next add in your ricotta + 1/3 cup of your pasta water (just take straight from pot or if you threw out already just use 1/3 cup regular water) Stir regularly to mix fully for about ~ 5 minutes. Next add your pasta and mix for a minute or two then add your spinach and keep stirring regularly to make sure it mixes well and starts to soften, ~ 5 more minutes.


      STEP 4

      Build your plate! Pasta on the bottom and a nice heavy drizzle of olive oil + sprinkle of salt and pepper & enjoy!