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      DELIVERED NOV 20 - NOV 24

      Red Pesto Pasta

      STEP 1

      Bring a medium-large pot of water + a pinch of salt up to a boil. Once boiling, add in your pasta and let cook for ~11mins. Before straining keep 1/3 cup of pasta water off to the side. Strain and set aside.

      STEP 2

         Cut your veggies as shown below. 

      STEP 3

      Bring a large pan with a splash of oil up to medium-high heat. Add in your shallot and cook for 5 mins, until it starts to brown. Then, add in your cherry tomatoes and cook for another ~ 4 mins. Add in your peas, and cook for another ~2 mins. Next, add your spinach + your pesto (adding in another just splash of oil really help coats the pasta) and stir for just a minute or two before mixing in the pasta. Let everything come together, stirring constantly for ~ 5 mins.

      STEP 4

      Transfer your pasta to a bowl and don’t forget to garnish with your tofu feta, drizzle of olive oil & a sprinkle of salt + pepper! Enjoy!!