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      Moroccan Stew

      STEP 1

      Bring 1.5 Cups of water up to a boil. Once boiling pour into a bowl with your cous cous, cover, and let sit for ~ 11 minutes. Once done fluff with a spoon and set aside

      STEP 2

      Remove your veggies and cut as shown below

      STEP 3

      Bring a large pan + a splash of oil up to medium high heat. Once hot add in your diced vegetables and cook for 5-6 minutes. Next add in your stew along with ΒΌ cup of water and mix thoroughly cooking for 15 minutes, if you stew starts to look too dry just add in another splash of water. With 4 minutes left in cooking add in your chickpeas & raisins, mix thoroughly.

      STEP 4

      Transfer to a bowl with your cous cous and garnish with your parsley, ENJOY! :)