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      DELIVERED OCT 10 - OCT 14

      Roasted Veggie Mac & Cheese

      STEP 1

      Pre-heat your oven to 375F. Bring a large pot of water + a pinch of salt up to a boil. Once boiling add in your pasta and let cook for ~11 minutes or until the pasta is no longer ‘crunchy’ to taste. Strain and set aside. ***Keep 1/3 cup of pasta water off to the side before straining****

      STEP 2

      Remove your veggies and cut as shown below.

      STEP 3

      Toss your brussels sprouts, asparagus & onion in a splash of oil + a pinch of salt and pepper. Transfer to a baking sheet and bake for ~ 18 minutes.

      STEP 4

      When your vegetables are ~ 5 minutes from being done bring a large pan + a splash of oil up to medium high heat. Once hot add in your sauce and cook for 2 minutes. Next add in your pasta + your roasted vegetables & your pasta water (if your forgot just use 1/4 cup regular water). Mix thoroughly until the sauce is thick enough to cling to the pasta.

      STEP 5

      Plate your pasta. Transfer to a bowl and top with your parsley & a small pinch of salt & pepper. ENJOY 😊🌸🌿