Culcherd Vegan Cheeses now available!! 🧀 🌱 A very warming menu this week! ♨️ Even more exciting things on the way! 🙌 Get your orders in now! 😊
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      DELIVERED DEC 27 - 29

      Kale Caesar

      STEP 1

      Remove your veggies and cut as shown below.

      STEP 2

      Toss your brussels sprouts & your chickpeas with a bit of oil + salt & pepper. Transfer to cook in the oven for ~ 16 minutes. 

      While your veggies are cooking, slice your kale into smaller pieces. Transfer to a bowl & toss in your caesar dressing and mix throughly, set aside.

      STEP 3

      Mix in your sliced endive and kale and mix once more. Transfer to a bowl, top with your brussels sprouts, chickpeas & hemp parm. Enjoy!