Remember you don't need to be 'vegan' to eat more plants! ✌️🌱 We just want to make it as easy and delicious as possible! 🌿 Order now! Deadline for Sunday Delivery is tonight @ Midnight!
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      Hemp Pesto

      STEP 1

      Bring a medium-large pot of water + a pinch of salt up to a boil.

      Once boiling, add in your rapini and and let cook for ~3 minutes, pull it out and set aside. This blanching removes some of the bitterness. Add in your pasta after your rapini is removed and let cook for ~11 minutes or until the pasta is cook through. 

      With 2 minutes left add in your peas!
      Before straining set aside 1/4 cup pasta water!

      Strain and set aside

      STEP 2

      Dice up your shallot + blanched rapini.

      STEP 4

      Bring a large splash of olive up to medium high heat in a large sauce pan. Once hot add in shallots and cook for ~3 minutes, then add in your rapini and cook for another 3 minutes. Next add in your hemp pesto + the 1/4 cup pasta water (if you forgot regular water is fine) and stir for ~3 more minutes. Last step is to add in your pasta + peas and keep stirring until fully incorporated and the sauce has thickened up to coat the pasta ~3 more minutes!

      STEP 5

      Transfer to a bowl and garnish with salt + pepper and your tofu feta! & ENJOY!!