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      DELIVERED Nov 14 - Nov 18

      Fully Loaded Caesar

      STEP 1

      Preheat your oven to 325 F

      STEP 2

      Cut your romaine into 1 inch pieces. Cut your broccoli into florets. Avocado into small cubes (or slices if your really want :) )

      Toss your broccoli in a splash  of  oil  & a pinch of salt + pepper. Transfer to a lined baking sheet with your marinated chickpeas and place in the oven to cook for ~ 18 minutes. 

      ** We know our avocado is bruised but we didn't want to waste another one. Sometimes life just gives you bruised avocados ;)

      STEP 3

      In a large bowl toss your romaine, your dressing + 1/2 of your croutons and mix throughly

      STEP 4

      Build your salad. Romaine on the bottom and then topped with your roasted broccoli & chickpeas + your avocado and a sprinkle everything seasoning & ENJOY!!