We all made it to mid August! 😊 🌱 Treat yourself to something healthy & delicious! Deadline for Sunday delivery is tonight @ midnight!‼️ 🌿
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      Taste of Seasons

      Taste of Seasons

      Taste of Seasons was created from a passion for cooking and for the love of our planet. I believe in a plant based cuisine that is good for our health and our environment. With the plenty of information available to us today we know that intensive animal farming contributes to global warming and that shifting away from a traditional diet with meat, improves our health.
      I believe we can all make a difference, today it’s my turn to do so with Taste of Seasons. 

      From traditional dairy recipes, I create products based with plants: nuts, seeds and cereals, each ingredient is thoughtfully sourced. With an artisan savoir-faire and a passion for real flavours, we develop delicious and healthy food, paying tribute to my grand-mother’s savoir-faire.
      Our environment being my best source of inspiration, I follow the seasons to introduce new products all along the year. Always with a creative mind, I like to play around with flavours and textures, plus, I would not like your taste buds to get bored. 

      Eating our products won’t make you make any compromises, especially on your health, our environment and the taste.

      This is only the beginning of a whole line of delicious artisan plant-based foods, created for a better tomorrow.