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      Spent Goods Bread Company

      Spent Goods Bread Company

      The Spent Goods Company was born out of frustration at seeing so much waste in the world–waste that’s harmful to the environment. We’re at a critical moment in history where real changes, both large and small, are necessary to mitigate the dangers of climate change.

      Inspired by organizations like the plastic bank and other nonprofits that are developing fiscal incentives fro recycling plastic, we set out to be part of the solution by finding a similar model that helps our local community.

      Rather than relying purely on goodwill to help fight climate change, we want to encourage greater participation from businesses by highlighting the value proposition of limiting waste. In short, we’re showing how food waste can be transformed into revenue, rather than filling landfills where it contributes to greenhouse gases. For instance, used coffee grinds are being transformed into clothing and brewer’s waste into bricks, animal feed, and mushroom spawn.

      Diverting food waste from landfill could reduce 70 gigatons of CO2 by 2050. The good news is that 5 US states, as well as Vancouver and Ontario, have already started exploring food waste landfill diversion as part of their circular economy initiatives. And some companies already reuse their food waste to make money. For instance, MillerCoors produces inputs for high-fiber foods, vitamin supplements, and pharmaceuticals–all from their by-products.

      The Spent Goods Company strives to:

      • Inspire social acceptance of reusing of food waste
      • Encourage greenhouse gas reduction through financial incentives
      • Promote local adoption of circular economy solutions

      We believe that individuals and businesses will embrace solutions when social benefits are reinforced by financial gains.

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